Why These Men Are Wearing Broken Watches?

Wearing a polished watch is not just a fashionable accessory to match for a stylish suit. It is also a precious device that help you tracking the time in the during the day. Obviously. Right?

Apparently, there is another use for wearing a watch these days among watch collectors and it’s not just to glorify their inherited watch given by their fathers – they purchase a stylish watch that actually don’t work, making them look seemingly featureless. So what is the purpose of wearing a watch that is in other words, broken?

According to “The Wall Street Journal”, it’s about making an artistic statement of style and beautiful timepieces that don’t necessarily need to tell the time, but to tell who you are in a different way.

Jacob Gallagher, Men’s fashion editor from “The Wall Street Journal” explains that this trend might have been started by the inspiration of Andy Warhol, an American artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement back in the 60’s, who frequently wore a Cartier Tank watch that didn’t tell the right time. Back in 1973 he said: “I don’t wear a Tank watch to tell the time, actually I never even wind it. I wear a Tank because it is the watch to wear!”

The men who started this trend?

Andry Warhol. The men who started this trend?

While some people may find this trend awkward and irrational, others would say that wearing a polished great looking wristwatch is important for keeping up appearances during their lifetime events and might break the daily routine with inspiring look.

Stephen Viscusi, author of On the Job: How to Make it in the Real World of Work believe that wearing a beautiful timepiece might be a make or break decision when applying for a job.

“My advice to you millennials who use your phones as timepieces is simple: cut it out! Go buy a wristwatch!” He said on Huffington Post. “It may be a gimmick, but believe me, it will separate you from everyone else your own age interviewing for the same job.”

This statement by Viscusi can’t be applied to every job on the planet, but for most jobs in the business sector it is definitely a big factor.

Although purchasing a top branded luxury watch is not achievable for those are not capable or feeling reluctant to spend thousands of dollars on a wristwatch, they buy affordable stylish watches so they have multiple choices for everyday occasion and can still be trendy but making it dormant.

Supposing you think wearing a “broken” watch is strange and funny or you think it worth the price, this trend is definitely something special. Whether you like it or not, one thing is certain: A broken watch is always right twice a day.

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